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Who is Yoshizen?

I’ve born in a Zen temple, as my farther happen to be a priest there, though I’m not a

monk yet, since I still have a lots of hair on the top.    :-D    Ha Ha Ha.

Before I left Japan, I spent a time in the Eihei-ji Tmple, where Master Kogetsu sentenced me

“You never get enlightenment, since you know too much which keep you

away from the Enlightenment”——it was nearly 40 years ago.

Yet still, I used my damned knowledge, science, history of human evolution,

neuroscience, psychology, etc, above all common sense,  to evaluate Zen phenomenon,

while actually testing the many different practices and body action.

My question was, What is Zen, and why and how the Zen created and shaped the human

activity, such as Ethics, Tea ceremony, Martial art— down to all aspects of daily life

(of Japanese especially).   And I went back to the most likely original form of the

Lord Buddha’s teachings, not necessary from the Scriptures which seems to be heavily

re-written for the sake of glorifying the Lord Buddha,

but followed the likely psyche of the Lord Buddha himself then.

The best sample is, whether the Spirit remain after a person’s death and the Heaven or

Hell exist ?  — When the Disciples asked this question, the Lord Buddha said to be kept silent.

Such an enlightened man who dare to utter, “The life is to get ill, suffering, get old and die”

could  mislead the followers by giving an illusion of the paradise ? ——- I don’t think so.

(The idea of the Mahayana Buddhism, the Heaven, the Savior, the Supreme God, came from

the influence of the teachings of a Christian Apostle Tomas who came to the southern India

and built / opened number of churches 2000 years ago, not from the Brahmanism / Hinduism.)

If the Lord Buddha could accept the idea of perpetual sou Atomanl, which is the idea of Brahmanism,

he could choose to be a Brahman high priest as he was the Royal Prince.

Since he rejected Brahmanism and the existence of perpetual soul or reincarnation, while saying

“When you die, it will be the end of all the sufferings, this is the Nirvana”,

it was really the revolutionary idea then.

—–To be continued—–

( this is the first time I ever expressed my view of the Buddhism in a public arena

and I would like to hear what you say)

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  1. Fuyu said, on April 17, 2009 at 15:27

    Gosh this is great:

    “You never get enlightenment, since you know
    too much facts which keep you away from the Enlightenment”——it was nearly 40 years ago.

    … I probably know a lot less than you but I feel the same way – I know too many facts and don’t feel directly or just be enough. I’m learnign to have my feelings it’s hard !


  2. Yoshizen said, on April 19, 2009 at 15:15

    To know a lots is not necessary a problem.
    Like, to be a millionaire is not too bad, provided, if he doesn’t use his money to
    further exploits others.
    Exploits others and live in a way of greed, it will repercussion him in his Karma.
    The matter in knowing a lots is how to use them, not about the amount.

    Without clinging to its knowledge or use it as a paraphernalia of arrogance the
    one can use it as a base of the wisdom, then one can have much smooth
    peaceful life as a wise man.

    To convert knowledge into wisdom, one has to lean even more (may sound funny,
    but this is one of a paradox in the life). To know more and deeper, it will reveal
    the connection to one’s own life, then it touches the emotion and goes down
    deep into the one’s subconscious.

    Study into the vast extent of the macro cosmos, using forefront technology, it may
    makes him to proud how he is a man of excellence who handles such a sophisticated machine like a toy in the hand and gain an insight of new theory of the evolution of universe.

    But in the same time, to the man of such intelligence, he must become aware,
    somebody in afield, invented the way to measure the resonant frequency of the
    atom which may be utterly out of his comprehension, therefore how he is
    powerless to sort out a problem once the sensor started malfunction.

    Feeling of pride or inadequacy are the emotion.
    With those emotion as the key connection, he may start to feel how such an
    excellent man is in fact insignificant in the cosmos and how minuscule his life is
    in the cosmic time.

    Learn the more and deeper, he became the more aware what he doesn’t know,
    and make him humble.
    What humble mean is, it detaches from one’s ego and open the mind.

    In the Buddhism, to detach from the ego is the most important milestone to
    attain the Nirvana.

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