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Gig on the Ship / Stubnitz

The Ship Stubnitz is a German Art Venue on the sea (on this moment

at King George V Dock  🙂 )  And when they arrived to the Dockland, they asked

OWN (Open Wireless Network of SPC.org) to connect to the Internet.  Then, 5Ghz Wifi

connection was made between the antenna mounted on the ship’s mast to a node in

Deptford,  4 miles (6.5 km) away.  —–  And we were invited to their Gig on the Ship.

When only the weather is fine, it’s nice to be on the ship, you know  😀

And the day was that kind of nice day = (I have a good luck of fine day, when ever  :-))

The Ship, Stubnitz used to be an East German troweler fishing boat,  and when she was

decommissioned, she was converted to a floating art venue 20 years ago.

Being as a German Ship, operated by the German = don’t expect any fancy food  😀

It was their traditional Bokwurst (common sausage) Hot-dog.   (fit to Human consumption :-D)

And the music were pretty cool Jazz Quartet, and then,  German Punk ! 

In fact, it was pretty impressive !  

Punk despise to be serious though, German Punk IS SERIOUS, so serious to be a Punk  !

In the eyes of Zennist, this serious dedication = [Oneness] seemed to be the Zen.

Unfortunately, Dockland area is huge = just walk back to the nearest DLR (Dockland Light

Railway) station took more than 20 min’ still, it wasn’t a bad walk under the moon 😀

Remote corner of London night street doesn’t mean to have robber, mugger or rapist.

(They knows where to look for rich pickings.  Ha ha ha  😀 )


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  1. drawandshoot said, on August 1, 2012 at 20:44

    Interesting that it is an art venue. Very creative.
    Was there wine served with those hot dogs? 🙂

    • yoshizen said, on August 1, 2012 at 21:51

      I didn’t see wine. But a lots of beer.
      I don’t think they would mind us to bring food and wine to have a picnic on their board 😀
      Seemingly, they are having their Nomad life as a life-style, while mingling with the artists.
      Freedom must be what whey are after, while stay out of any regulation, still I didn’t see any
      banned substance. = they are Serious people 😀

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