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New Year’s Card Design 2013 (from Canon = Free)

gajo 2013-canon-moji115_illus

Those sample images here were all from Canon Pixma Printer’s site and they are free to

use though, with quality’s sake you may better go their original site.   And, of cause,

they got hundreds  more designs —– (but in Japanese)


Gajo 2013-Canon-1

—–  Left / Happy New spring. Center / I play you to have the Life with Smile. Right / Happy New Year.

Gajo 2013-Canon-2

Left / Very feminine sensual calligraphy ! Center / Snake in Shape of letter [] Right / The Letter []

Gajo 2013-Canon-3

—– Left / Calligraphy is still the letter [] ————————- Right / Snake in the shape of Hiragana [み = 巳]

Gajo 2013-Canon-4

—– Left / With a figure of Darma ( Yes, BhoddiDarma ! ) ——- Right / Okame face in Fuku-warai game.

Gajo 2013-Canon-5

—– Left / Snake in the shape of letter [] —————————- In the west, coiled heap mean shit — may be

————————————————————————————– Japanese doesn’t make a coil — ask them 😀







PS :  Further Information and the Links to free download site is —–


PPS :  There is a site of Japan-Post —– WWW.Yubin-Nenga.jp — which said to have 1000s of

free samples though, to download the Kit, it needs to download Adobe and McAfee program

with a lots of conflict etc = almost unusable —– Still, you may try  😀

Those were the samples from Japan-Post.

Japan Post-223-001

Japan Post-222-001



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  1. ernstblumenstein said, on December 10, 2012 at 22:37

    Schön, gefällt mir.

    • yoshizen said, on December 10, 2012 at 23:17

      Oh, you should tell them (Canon, not me) 🙂

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