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THING(S) — 物から事へ

In Japan, a buzzword used over there in these days seems to be

“ The things to Have” to “the Things to Do” = ( 物から事へ ) as I’ve seen many times

in the opinions of many columnists or writers. —– It sounds well observed, well said though,

wait a moment, in reality, this is only a superficial yet another buzzword to the mass,

who wants to be seen cleverer.


On the beginning, the idea was conceived that “Unlike a function, fixed in a

device, the Apps in the latest gadget would be chosen and used by a consumer

= this is the fundamental change of the character to be a device = device

which is [A THING to be] to [A MATTER what to DO with].

To change a consumer as a mere passive user to active Doer.

—– IS IT ?


In reality, this is yet another sales drive of the manufacturer. = Just a buzzword.

Instead to sell a device with the designated, pre-planed function, but selling additional

so-called App is to save a cost to invent and develop the function by themselves but taking

them from the clever developers all over the world.

Hence, such as iPhone can sell App from their App shop, creating even more profit without

spending their developing cost.

And giving a false impression to the user that they are the commander and a

user to use the device which has unique combination of the Apps.


A Thing, which got value in  itself is a precious metal or precious stone, otherwise

something with sentimental, religious value,  which is in fact a value in the mind.

Other than those, everything else are related to our action, what we do with it.

A stone can drive you to throw it, or use it to crack a nut (even chimpanzee does 🙂 )

Even with a mono-functioned Sound-recorder, some are using it to record music, others

using it for news report. What has been recorded, and its variation is never the same to any

other device.   The evidence of what the one DID, a reflection of one’s life.

The matter is not to have a device but what to DO with it. = the situation is always

the same, not happen today in Japan.   And what caused its “What” is all came from one’s



If any changes in the mass tendency in Japan exists, it was not caused by the change of their

philosophy, but simply they got one already (market has been saturated) or

no more spare money left in their pocket.   As simple as that.   😀

And the simple answer is, whether have or have not, if want to DO, JUST DO.


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  1. elenacaravela said, on February 21, 2013 at 20:14

    So true, to do is much more important than the “to have”.

    • yoshizen said, on February 21, 2013 at 22:11

      That’s right Elena.
      So, not to have a lots of money wouldn’t be a bad things.
      People DO the things more 🙂
      And it’s more creative and fun.

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