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Pre-Christmas Street


Together with some shoppings I went up to the center and I saw

the town has been prepared for the coming Christmas.

Leicester square was having a Fair Ground.


I wouldn’t be impressed by the Swiss Center having colorful LED trick

or see a huge Snowman, still I dropped the jaw

to see the Stature of Eros was in a huge plastic dome  😀

Until decades ago, the drunken people in the Xmas to New-year’s Eve,  

were accustomed to climb up the stature and caused a damage, was an

annual ritual together with jumping into a fountain in Trafalgar square

though, as the England grown into a civilised country, Eros Stature has

been covered-up by ugly boarding —— and now, it’s in a plastic dome !


After some shopping in the China-town I went up to the Oxford Street.


Before, “after Xmas Sale” literally started after Xmas though, with

a rather harsh economical situation,

all the shops are having their Sale already started.


And it is in the season of Christmas Carol, I encountered a Steel-band

playing beautiful Xmas tune !  


I still couldn’t comprehend how and why the slight dent on a

steel-drum can be tonally tuned = What a beautiful invention ! 


They are almost a fixture in a Christmas time,

the Special Window Decoration of the Selfridge.



—————– (Photo right:  LED decoration on the South Molton Street )




————————————————————- ( Photo right: London Rikishow !)


——- (Piccadilly Circus again —– The plastic dome with it’s AD panels

——- seems to be a good business venture.  🙂 )


Same old Trafalgar Square and a Christmas Tree

= an annual gift from the Norway.


Northern side of Trafalgar square is the National Gallery.  

Western side is Canada House and east is South African House.

And there is a mountain of flowers for departed Madiva. 


After walk up Oxford Street to Selfridge and walk down from there ,

it was already the night —– still it wasn’t too dark for a photo or two.


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  1. drawandshoot said, on December 15, 2013 at 16:00

    Eros in a snow globe..? Great glimpses of the winter energy of your city, Yoshi.

    • yoshizen said, on December 15, 2013 at 16:12

      Yes that’s right Karen. Though, I don’t know when they
      blow an air inside. —– if no genuine snow, make it 🙂

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