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Most fancy Macro-photo set-up



This is a rather fancy combination of the macro photo set-up,  

around the famous Olympus 80 mm F4  1:1 Macro lens.  

This lens was designed for 1:1 Slide duplication or inter-negative work.

Most of the Macro Lens was designed to give the best performance at

1/10 shooting distance.  (Ordinary lenses were designed for the infinity.)

So,  this Olympus lens was quite unique even among the macro lens.

—– though, this lens was designed to use on the Extension Bellows,

I was thinking to make an adapter to use the lens on a bellows like this.

—– then, I found a fancy (and very rare) camera accessory “Pentax,

Helicoid Extension Tube” together with “49 mm to M42 Reverse ring”

= in this combination, I can use this lens without a bellows.


From the Left, Zuiko 1:1 Macro 80 mm F4,  49 mm to M42 Reverse Ring,

Helicoid Extension Tube,  M42 to EOS Adapter ring, EOS Extension Tube  

and EOS 5D MK-II Body.


Unlike the previous photo by 24 mm lens,  rather long 80 mm lens can

give more even view and giving a ease of lighting. (This is x1 or 1:1 shot)


Clopped and part enlarged image isn’t too bad to the 24 mm original x10 image. 


F4 is not very bright for 80 mm lens, still the out of focus bokhe is quite

large and soft. —– (But a little bit messy.  🙂 )


Looks interesting image though, whether this image is better than such

as Tamron 90 mm F2.5  or  Canon Macro 100 mm f2.8,  it’s need to have 

a test shot in the exactly  the same setting and the lighting.

(I might add the photos by those lenses later here. )


PS:  When I posted this, a reason why it became so fancy was that I didn’t

have Olympus-EOS adapter —> hence, I needed to mount the 80 mm lens

reversed = since I couldn’t use 80 mm lens’ own helicoid, I needed to add

Pentax Extension Helicoid and so on !


—– Since then, I obtained an adapter => I can mount the lens in normal

direction straight onto EOS Extension Tube. = Here the simpler configuration.  

When this lens was mounted about 80 mm from the Image Sensor, it focused

to infinity.  And with 80 mm more Extension Tube, it creates life-size image.


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  1. drawandshoot said, on February 18, 2014 at 19:07

    Wow Yoshizen, these are gorgeous! The detail is incredible.

    • yoshizen said, on February 18, 2014 at 19:23

      Thank you Karen.
      My friend gave this butterfly in a box nearly 40 years ago 🙂
      And after such long years, I took those photos first time.

  2. elenacaravela said, on February 22, 2014 at 02:23

    Quite impressive!

  3. bentehaarstad said, on February 22, 2014 at 12:03

    I need a workshop to get this gear, Yoshi! 🙂

    • yoshizen said, on February 22, 2014 at 12:41

      I don’t think you need a work shop.
      1) What you need to achieve ? (x1~x10 shot ? )
      2) Which lens you got. (and its filter size)

      —> get EOS Close-up Extension Tube (£5~7) x2 sets.
      and EOS Reverse Ring to match the filter size of
      your lens, from “ebay”.
      (if you can’t find, use one filter’s frame and glue it
      to such as EOS Lens mount Adapter (£5~7) “ebay”.
      (of cause, if you find an old Bellows, it would be easier
      and the bellows could be as cheap as £10)

      Aha, if you (very luckily) found Olympus 80 mm, what you
      need are —- x2~3 EOS Extension Tube and Olympus to EOS
      mount adapter (non AF type) = £5~7

      By the way, when you see “ebay” are they showing in US $
      or Norwegian Krona ?

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