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Meadow Flower taken by Homemade Lens

Instant Meadow(2)A09A1255

This flower meadow was suddenly created in the past 2 weeks.  

It was a green patch between the buildings of the council housing estate.

Two weeks ago, somebody made a bald patch on the grass, — then after few

rains, it became a flower meadow. = Packaged Instant Meadow !

From this meadow, my regular diet of fuzzy photo was made — but this time,

I used a Home made lens which is a Retro-focus type,  2 element lens.

Sound a bit ostentatious though, in short, as the main convex lens had a little 

short focal length,  I put another concave lens to extend its back-focus, hence

it became a Retro-focus type. —– (Main convex lens came from a toy and the

Front concave lens was my broken short-eye-sighted glass.)

Instant Meadow(1)A09A1336

 This photo was a comparison.  = taken by the same

Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole lens, I’ve been using.

Note : Regardless the distance, Pinhole never posses a core of sharp image.

And rather blueish color cast, because not much glass lens there to block 

the UV.  —– (It’s a Pinhole ! )

Instant Meadow(3)A09A1257

 For this Double-element lens,  I improvised an “inter-changeable F-aperture” to

reduce a halation by stopping down.    (Sound heavy “F-aperture” though, it was

just a hole on a black tape to stick on the back of the lens.   🙂  ) 

Instant Meadow(4)134-001

——– (Photo above : The clear samples of Iris (F-aperture) Effect =

——– Left = Fully open / 10 mm.  Center Photo = 6 mm.  Right Photo = 3 mm.

Despite the utter humble origin, amazingly this lens has certain image quality.

Instant Meadow(5)A09A1260

And those pink flower having rain drops on it —– just able to see !

Instant Meadow(6)A09A1261

So, the image was Soft and Fuzzy, because of too much Coma- aberration

still, they are retaining certain sharp image in the center.   😀

Instant Meadow(6B)A09A1261-001

This is a part enlargement of the photo above —– Not too bad.  I like it.

(Can you see the water droplets on the petals ! )

Instant Meadow(7)A09A1262

And able to give enough fun !

Instant Meadow(8)137-001

I have no idea, what those flowers called.

Instant Meadow(9)A09A1270

Still, I like this glowing color ! — not the Sun, but like a kindling fire in the ash.


Homemade Lens-138-001

PS :  May be much of your annoyance,  this is it !   = THE home made Lens.

Photo Right shows “F-aperture” ! = Hole in a Black sticky tape.  😀

= To clack a nut of creativity, it doesn’t need to be ostentatiously heavy 

Lens, even though the Camera happen to be expensive.

= Typical case was, just smear the Lens with sliver to soften the image.

Heavy pretense blocks the flow of the idea. = Anything can be done.

Matter is Just Do and discover a FUN.


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  1. elenacaravela said, on June 17, 2014 at 09:58

    Yes, glowing color! Love your technique.

    • yoshizen said, on June 17, 2014 at 10:47

      Thank you Elena. I met a guy organized this “Instant Meadow”.
      He told me that he proposed an “Improve the Environment” project and
      received £5000 grant. —– £5000 for this 10 sq m ?
      (I found a sachet of “Meadow flower seeds” in the garden center = it was £2 for a pack.)

  2. drawandshoot said, on June 18, 2014 at 07:03

    You are endlessly creative, Yoshizen. I too like the sharp and soft contrasts. What gorgeous flowers!

    • yoshizen said, on June 18, 2014 at 08:08

      Thank you Karen. I do try though, to create subtle
      sensuous image out of ordinary grass, bush, without
      any gorgeous color = your skill is still fur away ahead.

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  5. Puzzling Cherry | Yoshizen's Blog said, on April 4, 2017 at 15:51

    […] a lots of times if not over hundred.   This is a very corner of the green patch I described as a flower meadow in my blog in the past three […]

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