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Normally I don’t  go to a public event and take picture — the same reason that I don’t watch TV.

(If million of others do the same, I can’t see a point, why do I need to do the same ? — among the millions, there must be much suited person to do the subject = leave the business to that person and I’ll do what nobody else is doing or ever tried (provided, it cost small = Most of project with large cost is not creative, since it is a rational combination of existing devices and the ideas, otherwise, it is industrial (Humanoid Robot is ingenious but not creative), if not political (Communist’s huge monument never be creative, unless we see them as an ironical symbol of man’s idiocy.) —– that is my art and who I am.)

But strangely, I made an exception to the unusual event to fill the ground of the Tower of London with Red Poppies.   (Said to be 890,000 of ceramic flowers.)


In an essence, this is an art exhibition using the Remembrance (of the War dead) Day as a pretext. (Red Poppy is the symbol of the war dead as they flowers in the old  battlefield of the western front.)

Poppy-3-A09A5160-002 PS

When I popped out, it was a bit of drizzle though, when the bus coming to the Tower of London, the sun blakes out and even a Rainbow appeared on front. (Top photo)

Then after a while,  the sky became like this photo.(Shadowy ground needs to have a morning sun though.)


These days, the art piece got to be massive size, it is a silly creche, the larger the work it must  impress more.  (Unless it was installed in a middle of nowhere, it’s easy to proclaim that this is a public art hence easy to get public funding and media exposure.) (it seems, it was started with that floating big duck)   😀


Red Poppy ? ? ? — they don’t look like a Poppy  though, it’s their problem.

(This photo was taken — can you believe — 20 m away ! )


 The cascading flowers was dubbed as “Weeping window” — is it ?

(A man in the cloud said “Snorting nostril” — well, it’s looks much more like.)   😀

Those photos were taken by Canon Fisheye Zoom 8~15 mm and the closer shot was made by Tamron Mirror 500mm F8 (I really love this lens.)  on the Canon EOS 5D Mk-III. 

(I went there only with those two lenses. = I knew what I need to photograph and had the pictures in my mind. —– I have 9 genuine Canon lens (from 8 to 200mm include Macro and TS lens kind) which got all different character  = I chose which one or two will suite the job.  — which mean, I don’t rely on the opportunistic discovery on the spot. — With a good luck and an opportunity even amateur can produce quite good picture.   But, I’m not an amateur = even in the worst condition, still need to fill the assignment = no excuse = That’s what professional meant. (—– I mean, when I was in the job.  —– Thanks goodness I’m out now.) Ha ha ha.   😀

By the way, a combination of photos here was a demonstration of minimal set, such that for 2 pages article in a small magazine.  If the Editor likes to emphasize an aspect of one photo, I’ll send the addition though, in this case, the most interesting kind of image is “Making Poppy” but, no doubt, it must have done in China and not available, (still, no doubt, organizer has them.) —– Though, as the Organizer is going to sell those “Poppy” to create huge profit, they may not like to expose the story behind “The Soul of British Dead Soldier = Red Poppy was cheaply mass produced in China”.)


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  1. bentehaarstad said, on November 11, 2014 at 11:32

    You did a really good reportage, Yoshi, the best pictures I have seen from this event so far…

    • yoshizen said, on November 11, 2014 at 12:56

      Thank you Bente. May be the reason was, I was the only
      photographer using fisheye and 500 mm lens. 🙂

  2. elenacaravela said, on November 23, 2014 at 14:16

    Gorgeous images!

    • yoshizen said, on November 23, 2014 at 14:57

      Indeed they are gorgeous display. —– to use the Tower of London to stage-up, it got to be gorgeous of course.

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