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Lens ID — EXIF or Selfy

2Ele' Canon

On the previous post, in order to show the sample photo of each lens, 

I took a lots of sample photos. —– then, to compile and name them, 

I found a difficulties —not always I could tell the photo by which lens.   

The each file of the photo normally having EXIF data though, it needs 

to have the lens’ ID from the lens’ rom memory in other words, lens

got to be a dedicated type.  

2Ele Nikon

Unfortunately, lots of my lens isn’t genuine or dedicated type, so that

there was no EXIF data (still, I have 10 genuine lenses from Canon

— other lenses I’m still using with converter, adapter may be 20 

 altogether ?)  therefore often I have to guess which lens it was.

 ( When EXIF said 0mm lens, 1/8 second and if ISO setting was 12800 

= it’s likely a pinhole ! —– On the end, I decided to take “Selfy” on 

a mirror or a photo of the lens itself to record which lens was used

to take its sample photo.

Anastigmat 75mm F5.4

2Ele' for Nikon

DD Pinhole

Incidentally this was the Wide-angle Double Density Pinhole. (clopped photo)

2Ele' for Canon

2Ele Nikon

By  this, low-contrast, low-color-contrast test shot, some of them showed

that they were not suited for this kind of subject !

= still I got good chart to select each of them.


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