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Modifying the Zeiss Lens

Zeiss Taron Lens-1-001

The story started when I found the same Olympus camera in a junk shop, 

of which I’ve used its lens barrel to make the “Gaudy Lens”.

Since I’ve disassembled this camera and already know the structure, in this

time I unscrewed only few crucial screws and took out just the lens barrel.

(so far, this lens barrel is the most useful component I found and I was

going to use it to modify the £1 Zeiss lens .) —– This Carl Zeiss projection

Lens was mere £1, still having Zeiss quality and the distinctive character

though, as it was a projection lens, there was no focusing helicoid or

Iris kind to use it for taking a photo. = It’s shame to be wasted as a junk

despite it got fine optics. (And the reason why I bought it was, of course,

I was going to use it for taking photos. — I’ve tested it on the homemade

bellows but, it is better to have a convenient focusing helicoid.)


To mount the Zeiss lens onto the Olympus barrel, the pipe of the

Zeiss Lens has to be narrowed down. (Photo above middle and the right) =

(It’s a simple work to file down the plastic pipe = simple but laborious.  🙂

—– it is a kind of the work, a Buddhist is quite good at ! —– remember

an old say  “Dripping water can curve a rock” )

Zeiss Taron Lens-2-001 = Anyhow, on the end, the Zeiss

 lens was fitted in the Olympus barrel

 and they were screwed onto a Canon

 mount adapter. = And now, the Zeiss

Talon Lens is working on a Canon DSLR

while giving the focus from infinity to 1/3 close-up !

—– The photo here right, showed a remarkable similarity of the

softness of the other Zeiss Lens !



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