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Japan Matsuri 2015


It was a Japan Matsuri = Annual Festival today at Trafalgar Square Central London.  

There said to be a performance of Taiko Drumming though, before I got there.

(and long after I left = 7 o’clock evening)  The weather was fine — in fact too fine.  🙂


Normally not, but I did come this time with a hunch to bump somebody

— and surely I did.


Why “normally I wouldn’t” was that because, I’m not so sociable person to the

general public, likewise, I don’t do any SNS.   Yet still, I have many friends

— though some of them, not seen so many years. ~ ~ ~ then, bump

the person in this kind of event. —– And I did today.



So-called Matsuri = Fest’ and its stage show seemed to be so and so

— or I would rather say, shabby. (No karaoke please.  lol)

(Photo by 500mm F8 Mirror lens)


May be the most typical JAPANESE phenomenon

= manga drawing panel (Photo left)

And Origami tuition / demonstration (Photo middle)


Surprisingly, Blush Calligraphy was pretty popular. 


Somebody was selling Kaki-goori /Ice Flappe (?) — What ! ?  £5 — Oh Com’n.

Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuke stricken Fukushima people was selling noodles.

— ?    I couldn’t find what was the connection.  (Photo right)   lol

And Fukushima shop soled me their local rice (Koshihikari) 500g Sample  for £3 = !

(Which was sold in Japan 10Kg for £18) = may be a support donation included !)


In fact Quite a lot of food stall. (Photo left) = Bento / Lunch box = £10 — what ?

I don’t know what was “that” in the Photo middle.  Photo right = Takoyaki. 

      The visitor must be noticed that the very peculiar things in this Fest’ = 

other than the food stall, there is almost nothing else = no stall of campaign,

such as Eco, Green issue, no appeal for Help / Donation even for recent flood.

No appeal of voluntary / community activity group. = In fact, this was not for

the japanese community = therefore, more than half (even 60~70%) of the

visitors were non Japanese. = so that, very few Japanese Cos’Ple girls there.

Among the Japanese, there must be very strong feeling of the Peace Issue now

which has been triggered by the recent change of the Diffence law.

—– But such movement has been completely hidden-away, because Japanese

establishment is far busier against the threat from the Chinese expansionism.

It is so funny to see a difference. Chinese is brandishing their military might and

Japanese is pretending to talk about the taste of a noodle. The timid dog barks.

—– So that, the funny irony was, Chinese couldn’t broadcast their military parade

without the Sony or Panasonic equipment NOR their military system doesn’t

function at all without relying on the Japanese components. lol.


Nevertheless, it was a nice day-out for me.


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  1. bentehaarstad said, on September 19, 2015 at 23:08

    I believe you, it was a good day! 🙂

    • yoshizen said, on September 19, 2015 at 23:22

      In certain extent yes. It was such a fine day having no haze = very high contrast lighting.
      And carrying two cameras = get quite a sweat under the strong sun!

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