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Ai Weiwei Exhibition


Actuary, I went to the Fortnum & Mason again with different

lens (or hole ?) — Then, I just crossed the street to other side,

to the Royal Academy = where happen to have an exhibition

of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.


Academy’s courtyard having trees or re-assembled dead wood.

It was an utterly odd view.  Those trees were not in the original

shape nor well composed big “Ikebana” but the standing mess.

I wondered what’s going on the inside.


04-AiWeiwei-F&M5-001(Photo above = tons of building steel rod were piled up on the floor

=Ai Weiwei is not good to make the things by himself but to

organize the  workers to do the job.)

I’m not a fun of Ai Weiwei. 

I can see he is trying hard to MAKE something “looks like an ART”.

= in other words, he was not a born artist = so that, to squeeze the

brain to manufacture the piece, not spontaneously creates a shape.

Hence, the piece wouldn’t hit our emotion but just boggle the mind. 

= So, the art critics needs to write about those “Boggle” = keeping

them busy and the art-media flourish. — The good art will hit the

viewer’s subconscious direct = no need of explanation nor critics’

blah blah.  😀


So, those were the pieces made out of the pretext of the earthquake

= the list of the dead (Left) and the debris (right).

— did such big disaster inspire him only those ?   If I were him, I

would have put a school text book or a bunch of hair between the

debris = bad taste but such straight visual signal will hit the

subconscious of the viewers direct, without needs of blah blah.


Photo left showing “a chair IS a part of a tree” = I know,

a chair used to be a tree. = So what ?

And the photo right = nicely made cabinet having holes =

spoiling the effort and saying a twist = again So, what =

What a cheap idea.  Can’t you conceive anything better ?


Yet again like the words of a second class art school

teacher = “Make a thing out of norm/Break a stereotype”.

TV camera (or that kind of shape) was made by plastic.

Chinese has been making so many utterly inconceivable

products such as fake eggs, fake protein (melamine) in

the milk etc etc = Ai Weiwei should learn from them if he

want to impress us with the eye-opening incredible idea !


Something scribble ? — or repeated print covering whole wall.


He might have thought = highly technical idea — a piece using

the reflection of acril plastic. = Yes I can see its funny reflection.

So, what ?   A bit strange doesn’t mean “Impressive”  🙂


Everyday’s  objects made out expensive jade.


Handcuffs made out of plastic. Useless and out of norm again.

(Chinese kid’s toy Handcuffs were all made by plastic ) ?


Fabricated trees in the room — not impressive though, they 

still showed a kind of fun-full free structure he must have

enjoyed like a game.  So, I liked this piece.


07-A09A4444Thousands white plastic pieces covering the floor and one

baby buggy  (= somewhat impressive fine work)

— is this related to the Chinese Scandal / billion of forcibly

aborted fetus by the “one child policy” ?  (I only guess =

I didn’t get any information or bought an exhibition catalog.

= In my policy, I SEE the piece, not study it by the words.)


In this room, and the confined small box explaining what

Ai Weiwei himself has been subjected by the So-Called

Authority’s tenacious interrogation = kind of torture/


This is not an art but just an indictment.= may have a

political meaning still, visually boring exhibit. Not impressed.


So far, this must be the most impressive piece in this exhibition.

May be it was just a coincidence = still, how bizarre.


On this occasion, I had only Concentric-Double-Dencity Pinhole

intended to use for F&M Window shooting, which was not best

suits for this  subject still, I think it wasn’t too bad.

—– If you want to see more info’ or clear images please

search in the net or go to the exhibition yourself. = don’t ask me.




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  1. Marko said, on December 9, 2015 at 11:10

    I also was not impressed with Ai Weiwei.
    It is corporate “art” and he is good corporate “artist”.
    He makes a lot of money to the “art” industry and for himself.

    • yoshizen said, on December 9, 2015 at 11:21

      Exactly. As the Artist, you got the eyes to distinguish
      real staff to sham.
      (By the way, how do you think those fuzzy images. Ha ha ha 😀 )

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