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Meaning on the Hand


Well, this is the Post diverted and became its own from the previous post.

Hand is a body parts which got second highest concentration of

the nerve after the eyes.  And especially we human got our hands

best developed among any animals, we have best and the most

delicate control of them.    So that, not only its dexterity or the

physical function, its acquired the mean of expression as well. 

We can read the meaning of what the hand is telling or symbolizes,

and the eyes tend to follow what the hand is expressing.  

(I mean not only F**K or Peace kind of sign but also more delicate

mood of its operator as well.)  🙂  


Among the Buddhism, Tantra sect having not only their Dharani

(magic words) but also quite complicated form of the hand sign

(or finger twists which the followers do the same — and they are

showing off it each others “Look I can do better than you”).

It’s hard to guess where it was originated, = each

Buddhism Figures are showing their unique hand sign.

You may search their meanings or each name in the Wiki  though,

I don’t think it would bring any worthwhile understanding of the

Buddha’s teachings.   They are just the cosmetic style.


= After all, the core of the teachings was, to reprogram the brain to

jump the process in the Emotional Region in Limbic System, where

the notion of Self-interests = Ego / Greed / Desire  were induced.

It is the same situation to learn ride a Bicycle = reprogram the Motor

Region of brain to learn the body-balance on the bicycle = intellectual

understanding of “How to ride” wouldn’t work, but physical practice.

Lord Buddha’s last words in his death bed to the disciples was

“Don’t believe what others say or you head, but learn it yourself”

—– This episode signify

(1) His teaching could not be understood intellectually but only 

a practical learning of the body and the mind could materialize.

Such as,  you been reading this blog without noticing WHO is

reading this — ?   = We are living without noticing the SELF.

Unless we assert “Me Me Me” Self is not there.

— With a practice, you will get a technique to apply this mental

mechanism to do the subject which was awkwardly entwined with

your Ego, without Emotion and without the so-called Self.

(2) The reason why

Lord Buddha had to say it in such a precious, last remaining

moment was that his disciples has yet necessarily mastered it.

—– And this fact explain why the Buddhism and its teachings of

“No-Self /Anatman” (No soul to Reincarnates) was misconceived

and mixed up with the Hinduism (which says Reincarnation) since

such early days.


When we saw a hand and feel what sort of meaning it’s saying,

— we can feel but it can not be interpreted into the words.  

Our hand express unconsciously = and we read it unconsciously.

= they are out of the lexical comprehension.   —– The most of

Lord Buddha’s statue having the hand sign called “Semui” (in

Japanese) which said to mean “Don’t be afraid” — Can you see it ?

I can only see “Oh, what a big hand !” —– 😀 

—– You have to see it by your eyes.  Not from the stories.

Otherwise, Why You need to bother be a Buddhist.

To contact with all the fresh stimuli with your naked sense will

keep your brain young.   🙂



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