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Old Camera — Miranda S


Few days ago, one of my friend (in fact, a friend of friend) gave

me an old camera.  It was a very early model of SLR (Single Lens

Reflex Camera), Miranda S which was made around 1968~70.

After the World war 2, burnt-down country Japan was recovering

in amazing speed though, the camera such as Nikon, Canon was

producing were the old style Rangefinder Camera — still, those Nikon

which went to the Korean War with the American photographer

was highly praised (only the camera kept working under -40 degree

Korean Winter!) and started to gain good reputations world wide.

In 1962, the Asahi Kogaku produced Asahi Flex, the first 35mm SLR ! 

(Later, this company started to produce the SLR using penta-prism

— and changed their name to the Pentax.)


The camera I was given, Miranda S was rather like an Asahi Flex, but

not in a perfect condition to work. = winding-up nob was broken — still,

I could test the function by charge-up the shutter by force rotating the

winding-up sprocket, then click the shutter.

The shutter dial was rotating while charge-up and a release moment.

(It’s an old design soon to be disappeared.)

And the mirror was not quick return, neither the iris was automatic.

To see this Design as the starting point = I can see how the later

development came such far !



—– the peculiar things of this camera was, that this one got a waist-level

finder = not a prism view finder. = look down the image which was

left-right reversed ! —– My guess was, that this camera was used by an

academic to take photos through microscope, telescope kind — if not

the owner lost the interchangeable prism finder.


Miranda started to make their camera, called Orion Camera first. 

Then,  changed the name to Miranda, their Miranda Sensolex model was

sold well (I remember their poster.  🙂  ) —– anyhow, to encounter such

old Japanese camera, exported to the Europe was a big surprise to me.


I may not able to shoot a photo with this camera since its winding-up

shaft was broken, yet still, even just watching 50 years old

mechanism still working was a great joy.



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  1. ynna said, on August 1, 2019 at 10:54

    Can i ask if do you have problems on the pictures being under-exposed? I dont know if what am i doing wrong 😦

    • yoshizen said, on August 1, 2019 at 11:18

      Hi Ynna. I guess, it is still modarn digital camera and you are using it on auto setting.
      1) Against a bright back ground or bright sky.
      2) Is not “Exposure Compensation” set to
      – (minus) ?
      3) Didn’t you set ISO (or sensitivity set to too high ? (such as 1600, 6400 —)
      —– If still unsolved, come back again with more details (= which camera, what setting etc.etc and what you are taking ?)

  2. […] была быть несъёмной, но проверка доказала обратное. По ссылке можно увидеть фотографию Miranda S со снятой шахтой, при […]

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