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Fortune-line and the Bully

Many years ago, when one of my friend visited this country with

her friend’s daughter, I met them over a lunch. While having a

casual conversation such as the cultural shift in Japan, generation

gap kind of talking, I found a bit of odds in this young (yet over 25)

woman’s talk — I asked to see her palm.   Bang!

“Oh, what a stubborn woman!”   “Oh yes that’s who I am”

— My friend (my generation) said with surprise, “I didn’t noticed it.

You never behave in such a way” —– Probably before the senior,

young woman must behaved well, while

covering-up her hidden character which she must be well aware.


The reason how I could see her true nature was, that she got

very strong so-called Fortune-line in the centre of her both palm.

—– Together with over 50 years of my own observations, what I

found about this line was, not necessary the success and the fortune,

still at least the urge of dominance and its assertion of own way was

quite prominent = simply, very bossy strong character.

In theory, this character could be an effective asset to push the

business or project to succeed but, the life is not such simple.

Want to dominate IS what the person WISH, though others to

accept it and to support, IS the another matter.

Whether the others follow and support the person should be clear

on the other lines, which was called Sun-line under the Ring finger.

One or two vertical lines started from the bottom of finger indicates

the person’s virtues respected by the others.

Without this respect, the dominance is just by the force (money,

position etc) therefore it was only superficial hence empty.


Reading of line is always in relation to the other lines.

Between the Thumb and the Pointing finger, if the

Intelligence (Brain) line and the Life-line doesn’t start together,

the person got a different mind-set of what he/she was born to be

(= like believing to be other or want more.)   So that, when it happens

together with strong Fortune-line, it likely causes

the tension even trouble in the daily life.

(Try to dominate though, not necessary having such power or

influence let alone the leadership, yet still having a delusion or

dream of that “I can” — and harass the others who don’t follow

= is nothing but a trouble maker.)


It is the remotest situation to my life, therefore far beyond my

imagination though, there was a news (time to time) that a young

mama committed suicide after receiving the harassment / bullying

from the mom’s group of a children’s nursery.

Living in the same area and taking the same aged children to the

nursery mean the moms are belong to about the same cluster,

more or less the same financial, social position (otherwise lives

much posh area and chose posh nursery or even having own

child-minder) = so, everybody is the same kind of “person” — yet

still, or because of that, somebody among the group try mount

the others and assert “I’m the boss”.

(It seems, the bullying among the children, mounting among the

social group, job front etc are almost the “Norm” in the human

society, regardless whether it is acceptable or not.)


—-If anybody try to get rid of such Ego, Zen Buddhism could help

though, Zen couldn’t stop the others indulging the pleasure of bully.

It is the Irony = “Try better in Bully !” “Show you my power !” —–

So, when you encounter such situation, have look the palm of the Bully.

How rampant the Fortune-line is, and the Brain-line and the Life-line

were separated. = People behave as they were born to be.

That’s what the Karma meant = Parents, DNA, Family/Social

environment, Way of grown-up — but

NOT because the so-called previous life. (because, no such things exists)

= The palm lines were the reflection of how the Brain developed and

organized = and it was according to the DNA received from both parents.

(and the Fox-Gene’s rather chancy behaviour)

—– Human being is a fancy creature !

(though, I have not learnt of animal palm line yet =

Chimp might be having as fancy life as ours. = Bullying Chimp.  😀 )



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