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Bang bad

Bang bad (1)-A09A6251

Since couple of months ago, the AD / Banner of this company

started to appear in my screen.  I only guess how they were

directed here and showing what.  

The choice / direction was uncomfortably spot on to my taste /

interest. —– The space was provided by the Fire Fox though,

the info’ such as what I Googled etc must came from Google.

Yet still, in what extent they do know about what I’m doing and

would buy what is a private matter.      While ago, after I Wiki

a flower Jacaranda, those AD showed me a cushion printed a

Jacaranda flower.   How nice.  What a hell.

Bang bad-(2)

Because of they showed me such and such interesting / useful

product in such a price  (I didn’t know still, eBay was heving

the identical item), I ordered them 4 items in rapid sequence. 

The first one = geared motor was delivered in a week

with my surprise, it came from the Laos, not from the China.

(But the other 3 items, posted same address, took exactry 3 weeks.) 

Other than the normal circulation in the formal trade, a kind of the

industrial components / parts appearing in an open market with a

knock-down price was — either by rejected (faulty or out of the

spec) or end-of-the-line = dead stock, if not of a bankrupted

/ liquidated goods. 

(A motor and its fixing in the photo above is a typical sample of the

unsalable product = hence sold to this dealer = may be a price of the

scrap  — (Photo left) The bracket, the motor should be mounted,

couldn’t take the motor since the hole was too small.

(2nd Photo) The coupler which should connect the motor shaft to 

the drill bit holder was not in the correct size.

(3rd Photo) The motor shaft was 3.17 mm diameter = in fact, it

was 1/8″ not a metric 3mm. 

(4th Photo)  Still, the coupler was made for the 3mm motor shaft.


Economical / industrial situation in China is so bad, so that the

mountain of dead-stock component / bits of the electronic circuit

are no-where to go = So, this dealer is trying to make a money out

of those scrap though, as they are not the manufacturer, they

don’t know the meaning of the technical specification.   Hence,

the motor arrived here no instruction of how to use. = How many

people can use this while giving modifications ?  (One suggestion 

was “Heat the coupler and hummer in to the motor shaft” )  😀


While checking the detail of the other products, I found a lots of 

them are out of standard = useless to non-professional engineer. 

Just use a common sense, “Why it’s price was so cheap ?”

The situation is Bang bad.

* * * * * 

PS :  (I found a custommer’s comment to their product)

  • Poor quality control

    Durch:Raymond 2016-06-21 04:30:40

  • Ordered 3 but none worked, missing components due to poor soldering. tried to return but Bang good link does not allow a complaint without posting a you tube video, and who has time for that. I ordered replacements through eBay and will throw these out.


—– It’s puzzling, why Bang ** is showing those negative

comments = may be their tactical way to tell That ther is no

way to return and implying that the products may not work.

* * * * *

PPS : ( The 1/8″ shaft of the motor above has been reduced by

Beaulieu 8mm4-005

a sharpning stone and the drilling head was installed to what

it should be. )



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