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Make Pinhole for OM-D / Micro 4/3

On the previous post, I mentioned about a Pinhole specifically

designed for OM-D.  So, mean while I play with it like a test.

(Real work starts when I got camera’s body cap from China.)

Camera’s body cap goes inside of the mount surface 3.7mm,

it’s mean pinhole could be mounted further 3.7mm nearer to

the image sensor.  (Micro 4/3 camera’s Flange-back is  19.25mm,

-3.7mm would be 15.55mm = it will make rather wide-angle view,

equivalent to 31mm lens on 35mm film camera.)

— but, for the time being, have a test,  just place a panel with hole

on the surface of the mount. (You will see how simple it IS !)

OM-D Pinhole(1)-001

On a flatten beer can,  54mm dia’ circle was drawn. (Photo left)

And the disc was cut out from the tin panel. (Photo Middle)

Then the disc with a hole in the center was stacked on the camera.

(Photo Right)  —– That’s all.  No more, no less.   😀

OM-D Pinhole(2)-001

Voila!  This is the Pinhole image made by the hole on

the beer can.   Left photo was a wide-angle version.

(A concave / diverging lens was placed on front)

And the Right photo was by the pinhole itself. 

ISO 8,000 AV setting — since the exposure was more

than 2 second, a tripod was used.


To push the fun further, I put a Fisheye Adapter for

MobPhone (widely sold for £10 or so)

= So, it’s a Pinhole Fisheye Picture !  (photo right)

OM-D Pinhole(3)-001

And this is the Double-Density Pinhole on OM-D.

Left was the Pinhole itself and the right was with a concave lens.

Now you’ve seen how easy and cost nothing the Pinhole

Photography IS. = So, why not try if you got Canon, Pentax

or Micro 4/3 camera in hand.

(Though, pay attention to the dust)





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