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Silly Practice = Sun and North Wind


As I needed the cash, I used an ATM of the TSB bank.

— The machine gave me 40 x £5 note for £200 !    How silly who

needs to have 40 x £5 note.  So, I went to the inside and asked a

cashier to change them to the £20 note.  The cashier asked me if

I have an account with them.  I said no.  Then she said, unless I have

an account with them, they wouldn’t chang the note ! — Amazing,

is this a harassment to annoy the people to have an account with TSB ? 

And is there even a single person who want to have an account

in order not to receive lots of £5 note ?    Are they kidding us

hoping that the cold wind would work ? ? ?  😀

Then, I realized that’s why the floor was empty and no needed to 

ques for cashier.

—– while seeing the ATM every 50m on the high street,

who need to use their ATM again.

(Is this a mentality of the English bank or just with TSB ?)


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