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What ? – 3/4 second on “B” setting ?

a09a6803On the 100 years old lens,

an instruction was given,

“On a dull day, use a tripod

with the “B” setting and

give 3/4 second push.

—– What ? ? ?   In 100 years

ago, could a user of camera

give 3/4 second push to

camera’s shutter ? 

—–  Well, my guess was, that the camera user then must have

practiced a lot for the precise push of the shutter lever.  

The English tradition was, to count the second while saying

One Monkey, Two Monkey, Three Monkey ~ ~ ~ ~ !    Therefore,

only say “One Mo” would be half second and “One Monk” would

be 3/4 second !      (Really ?   You must be kidding )   😀

But I’m not sure whether a French photographer ever did

“Un Monkey, Due Monkey ~ ~ ?       equivalent Japanese practice

said to be, say “Obaaachan” (Granny) for one second and

“Obachan” (Aunty) for half second. (— Count many second by

repeating  “Obaaachan” while counting on fingers.)

— Try Count One Monkey ~ ~ ~ Ten Monkey while watching a

watch and get the rhythm.  (One day, you may need it.   😀  )


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