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Acacia seed pod — (1.5′ over 40 cm big)

While walking on the street, I found huge seed pod of Acacia.  May be no one would give a doubt that Acacia is a kind of bean.   Still, not so many people expect to see their seed pod in such a size.

I said huge though, this is not the largest I’ve ever seen.   I’ve seen the one got nearly 3′ / 90 cm big in Taiwan of which local people calls the Sword bean.  (On the photo, you can see the size in comparison to the Mangetout bean)  Still the size of the bean itself is even smaller than a soy bean. —– so, it creates a question why this Acacia seed pod evolved into such a size ?   In Africa where the tree was originated, the biggest enemy was a Giraffe kind.  If the seed was eaten by them before the seed matured, all the effort of Acacia became in vain.  But the grown up dry seed and the pod may not invite any animal who could spread the seeds away from the parent’s place.  —– What are they doing  ? ? ?

—– Nature must have much wiser idea than me.   😀


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