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Use the Canon G10 Focus element

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on March 7, 2021

There was a Canon G10 compact camera dropped into the water and broken. In fact, even a camera droped into the water could be saved if its water was drained quickly by shaking hard and dry with a hair dryer. = 50% of them might be saved. But this G10 somebody gave it to me was rusted and had no hope — still some component could be utelised.

The inside of the camera was really THE Canon = incredible degree of heavy complexity still very well built. But in the same time, complex structure meant the component is hard to disassemble.

Yet still, I found a lens suspended by a small stepping motor for focus seems to be utilized as a Single meniscus 39mm focal length Converging lens. (In my way !) I mounted this lens on a 42M ~ 42M 17~31 Focusing helicoid which can give a focus from infinity to 10 cm. (May be good to take picture of the flowers)

The centre of the lens has better quality. (You may say, for what ?)

Cano – G10 Focus lens

But at the same time, the lens was producing quite a fuzzy image as well. And that was exactly I’m after.

Not too bad for the lens which costed me nothing. 😀


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